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How to deal with the shrinkage?

1. White clothing color stain cleaning is applicable to white cotton, linen, polyester, terylene, cotton and hemp fabrics. Do not use for colored clothes (including white bottom stripes, white bottom patterns, white bottom printing), silk wool spandex nylon and other non-chlorine bleach clothes, and do not use the original liquid. 2. Color stains do not apply to clothes that are easily faded or dry-cleaned. Do not touch metal buttons, zippers or metal ornaments on clothes to avoid direct sunlight.

Shirts shrink when washed!

Before washing, it is recommended that you clean the clothes according to the washing label inside the clothes. If the clothes cannot be washed, the clothes can only be sent to the dry cleaners. Wash the clothes according to the notice of the washing label inside the clothes. In daily life you will meet stubborn stains are difficult to clean, such as oily be soiled, if local has a stubborn stain clothing can use the following cleaning method: 1, dry clothes, hand wash special laundry detergent concentrate in besmirch place daub, completely cover the stains, let stand for 5 minutes (can gently rub), add conventional washing laundry detergent。

If the stain cannot be removed after the above method:

(1) pure white cotton, linen and terylene clothes: add 1 bottle cap (600g specification) of white clothes to each half pot of water (about 2 liters), stir well, and put in clothes to soak for 30min and rinse. * if the color stain is not removed after 2 hours, remove the clothing and add the white clothing color stain to the pot (add 1 bottle cap to each half of the water). Stir well and continue to soak the clothes. The accumulated soaking time shall not exceed 6 hours. (2) color or other material of white clothing: put clothes in a basin, stained part pelvic floor, with color cloth color stains net specifications (600 g) cap measuring a quarter net cap (10 grams) color cloth color stains and 1/4 cap (10 grams) collar net, pour in besmirch place, with no stain clothing other parts to cover the stains, prevent dry, let stand for 2 hours, rinse clean. If there are still stains after 2 hours, it can extend the time of standing until overnight.

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