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Wholesale button down collar branded regular fit dress shirt!

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The men's dress shirt is usually a vertical collar with a winglike collar, with a bow tie instead of a tie. There are some decorative ruffles on the chest, and the sleeves are double folded to match the cufflinks. The chest has a u-shaped breast design with small pleats.

Today, Tuxedo shirts have begun to follow Tuxedo fashion as the second element in semi-formal clothing that crosses formal and informal boundaries. From brands such as Kris van Assche's catwalk collection to Bottega Veneta, Neil Barrett, Sonia Rykiel and Dsquared2, dress shirts (sometimes with beaded necklines or pockets) have evolved from formal suits to mainstream outfits that can be worn anywhere and with anything.

The collar of formal dress shirt is divided into many styles, different countries and regions have different names, square collar shirt has gone out of fashion, what is popular nowadays is shorter eight character big lapel, and the shirt with long pointed collar is suitable for wearing without tie. The specific categories are as follows:

Button-down shirt collar

This is a classic shirt collar, with some preppy or big-name college students. Although this shirt is not suitable for special formal occasions, it is usually worn well in the office, so it is now commonly used. Still, the shirt is too casual for a double-breasted suit.

2. Big lapel

One of the best collar. It goes well with a double-breasted suit. Large lapels are ideal for men with long or oval faces, not round or squat faces. It highlights horizontal lines and can adjust overlong vertical lines effectively. The collared shirt is popular with Wall Street men and emphasizes the sharp contrast between the collar and the cuffs.

3. Long pointed collar

This collar is the perfect choice for round - faced men and fat gentlemen. Today, the long, pointed neckline of giorgio armani, a famous designer in Italy, is favored by young men who are on the cutting edge of fashion. The effect of the collar is in keeping with the sleek, modern look. Long pointed collar

4. Tie collar

This is a collection of a variety of functions in one, quite rich British rural flavor of the style, by the well-dressed traditional men love. The neckline of this collar has a small ring at the neck, which can hold the tie, so it can make the tie look full and straight without using a stiff collar. The collar itself looks like a lapel and looks very formal. When it and cuff together and coat form strong bright and dark contrast, give a person a kind of neat and unrestrained feeling.

It is important to note that the buttoned collar must be buttoned up, especially the open-button collar. The stand-up collar shirt usually makes you look different, and if you are confident enough, you can choose it.

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