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Wholesale dress shirt rounded collar

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Wholesale kids polka-dot shirts

school uniform shirts wholesale

How a shirt should fit ?

Chest: the best shirts allow a full range of motion, fitting comfortably around your chest, across your back, and under your armpits. If you have selected a shirt with a slim cut, it should be snug rather than tight.

Shoulders: check where the sleeve of the shirt attaches to the body. This seam should sit comfortably near to the top of your shoulders; it should not ‘pull’ or billow.

Collar: this should be comfortable but not roomy. See if you can button it easily and if you can slide two fingers inside: fewer than two and it will be too snug, more than two and it will be too big.

Feel free to adjust: You don’t have to go fully bespoke to enjoy a tailored feel. With a few tweaks, a tailor can adjust an off-the-rack product to suit your shape. Pay particular attention to the waist and arms: nothing makes a short man feel more awkward than sleeves that hang down too low or a shirt that billows around the waist.

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