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Flannel shirt Makes skin addictive texture

From:Flannel shirt Makes skin addictive texture     Release time:2018-06-28

Overview:This year, the plaid shirts get rid of the traditional image on the T stage, and the flannel shirt is no exception. Because of its comfort and warmth, it should be one of the essential items in winter. Dressed in a blue gray checked flannel shirt, this year's fashionable quilted jacket is tied up with a scarf. This is the young and fashionable new urban cowboy image.

Flannel shirt Makes skin addictive texture

What is a Business Suit

The flannel color is bright and generous, with light gray, medium gray and dark gray. It is suitable for making spring and autumn upper and lower trousers for men and women. The flannel has high gram weight, the plush is fine and dense, the fabric is thick, the cost is high, and the warmth is maintained. it is good. The flannel face has a layer of plump and fine villi covering, without texture, soft and flat, and slightly thinner than Melton. After shrinking, raising hair, feel full, delicate suede.

The production of flannel is to first dye some wool (or cotton fiber), and then incorporate part of the primary color wool (or cotton fiber), and then mix and blend the wool yarns. The woven fabric is finished by shrinking and pulling. Most use twill weave, but also useful plain weave. The raw materials used are generally wool (or cotton) viscose blends, in addition to full wool (or cotton), and some are blended with a small amount of nylon fibers to improve abrasion resistance.

Flannel is suitable for making trousers, tops, children's clothing, etc. Thin can also be used as a fabric for shirts and skirts. The raw materials are made of 64 fine wools, with more than 12 pieces of coarse carding yarns in the latitude and longitude, and the fabrics are composed of plain weaves and twill weaves. Weaving and linting are used for finishing, and we feel full and delicate. Most of them are dyed with loose fibers, mainly composed of different shades of grey or milky white, light coffee and other colors. There are also pieces of plain and sliver, lattice and other patterns. Flannel is also useful for combing wool yarns or cotton yarns for warp and carded yarns. The carding yarns are sometimes spun with a small amount of cotton or viscose.

Unlike traditional cotton shirts, the flannel on the inside of the flannel shirt is very skin-friendly and does not have to worry about tightness. Paired with a goose down jacket, the double insurance helps you to easily spend the winter cold this winter.

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