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Italy shirt leading the line of the tide

From:Italy shirt leading the line of the tide     Release time:2018-06-28

Overview:Simple can be divided into: dress shirts, casual shirts, casual shirts, home shirts, vacation shirts. Dress shirts are used for matching dresses or suits. Casual shirts are used for suits in informal settings. Home shirts are used for informal suits, such as sweaters and casual trousers. They are worn at home and on walks. Vacation blouses are used for travel holidays.

Italy shirt leading the line of the tide

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The italian shirt is a kind of blouse in the traditional European style, which is more aristocratic and romantic. It is mainly used to match the formal dress, one of the typical gentleman's dress shirts. Its unique Milan sleeves are not as common as French cuff sleeves, but they are also recognized as formal shirts with French shirts in the long history of formal history, which are the most commonly worn shirts of traditional European gentlemen, as well as French shirts.

Italian Milan sleeves and French CFF sleeves are double folded sleeves, which are different from French sleeves.

First, the Italian sleeves are circular and swinging outward. This traditional cuff shape is very decorative and gives the owners of shirts and shirts romantic qualities.

Two. Italy sleeves are not cuffed fasten, but still use regular buttons to fix cuffs, but in general, buttons are not easy to be covered by sleeves.

Three. The front shirt of italian shirt is different from that of French Open door, with a front patch.

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